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Second Trimester (15 weeks)

NU 112 Intravenous Fluid Therapy

NU 112 Intravenous Fluid Therapy / 40 clock hours (week 1)

This course is an intensive one week curriculum that includes classroom instruction and clinical skills scheduled Monday – Friday followed by the final exam on Friday.  The curriculum is designed to prepare the practical nursing student to gain the knowledge and skills to perform intravenous therapy as outlined in Missouri Rule 4 CSR 2200.6040 and requires the student to perform at least one successful initiation of IV therapy with supervision of an RN who is the clinical instructor or the preceptor.  Students are also required to pass a written final examination and perform several IV therapy skills to be awarded Intravenous Therapy Certification.  

NU 106 Pharmacology II

NU 106 Pharmacology II / 40 clock hours (weeks 2 – 15)

This course will build on the fundamentals of medication administration introduced in Pharmacology I.  Medication administration considerations for the adult, older adult, will be incorporated into the curriculum.  Discussion regarding cultural and educational considerations is included.  The student will be expected to continue to develop his/her psychomotor, cognitive, and affective competencies related to safe administration utilizing the nursing process and evidence-based practice. 

NU 108 Maternal Health and Newborn Nursing

NU 108 Maternal Health and Newborn Nursing / 100.5 clock hours (weeks 2-8)

This course provides the student with an understanding of the conception, development and delivery of a newborn.  The nursing process and evidence-based practice is utilized to address the physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs of the maternal patient through these stages, as well as for the newborn.  Psychosocial and multi-cultural dynamics of the family are considered.  Common complications of pregnancy are also incorporated into the curriculum.

NU 109 Nursing Care of the Child

NU 109 Nursing Care of the Child / 100.5 clock hours (weeks 2-8)

The focus of this course is the nursing care of the child.  The understanding of the child’s normal growth and development is the foundation for further study regarding the diseases and disorders common to each age group.  Basic physiological, psychosocial, emotional and cultural needs are explored utilizing the nursing process and evidence-based practice. Pharmacological nutritional, safety, and health promotion considerations are incorporated into the course.

NU 110 Nursing Care of the Adult I

NU 110 Nursing Care of the Adult I / 188.5 clock hours (weeks 9-15)

This course is designed to continue to provide development of fundamentals nursing knowledge and skills while providing holistic care to the medial surgical adult patient.  Evidence-based management of disease processes related to various body systems and patient assessment will be emphasized with the expectation of consistent use of the nursing process to address the physiological, psychosocial, emotional and cultural needs of the client.  Strategies that enhance critical thinking and problem solving activities are incorporated into the curriculum.