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First Trimester (14 weeks)

NU 100 Anatomy and Physiology

NU 100 Anatomy and Physiology / 112 clock hours

This introductory course covers the normal basic structure and function of the human body.  Basic chemistry, medical terminology, body systems and their integration, and laboratory experiences will be incorporated into the course.

NU 101 Nursing Fundamentals with Lab & Medical Terminology

NU 101 Nursing Fundamentals with Lab & Medical Terminology / 240 clock hours

This course lays the foundation for the student learner to begin to acquire the skills to adequately care for the physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs of the client based on the nursing process and evidence-based practice.  The course reviews fundamental nursing principles, skills, and assessment techniques while enabling the student to begin his/her development as a practical nurse.  Students will explore human growth and development throughout the life-cycle including physical, psychosocial and emotional development from newborn to the older adult.   A comprehensive review of the relationship between balanced nutrition and health maintenance and prevention will be included in this course.  Theory, laboratory and clinical experiences are integrated throughout the Fundamentals of Nursing course.  Anticipating the holistic need and cultural diversity of the individual is included.

NU 102 Personal and Vocational Concepts

NU 102 Personal and Vocational Concepts / 40 clock hours

This course is developed to equip the student with knowledge and skills that will encourage personal, as well as professional growth and success within the nursing profession.  Legal and ethical standards, communication techniques, professional character traits, learning styles and personal goal setting are emphasized.  Students will be introduced to techniques to assist with time management and dealing with stress in the healthcare setting.  An understanding of the importance of caring for one’s self physically and emotionally, along with strategies to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, will be incorporated.  An overview of the history of nursing, the nursing process and current trends in the profession will also be included, including the importance of evidence-based practice and cultural considerations.

NU 105 Pharmacology 1

NU 105 Pharmacology I / 42 clock hours

This course equips the student with a foundation in the understanding of medications and their role in the care of the client.  It will cover principles of drug actions and interactions, the nursing process as it is related to pharmacology, patient education and health promotion, math review and medication calculations, principles of medication administration and introduction to drug classification information.  Medication administration considerations for the adult, older adult, maternal/newborn and child nursing care will be incorporated into the curriculum.  Educational and cultural patient care considerations are discussed. The student is expected to meet appropriate psychomotor, cognitive and affective competencies related to safe medication administration utilizing the nursing process and evidence-based practice.